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If you have a tattoo you’d like removed; you need to know that today’s laser technology makes the process safe and more effective than ever before. Cutting-edge technology is important, but so is the person using the device. Dr. Robert Topham at Holladay Dermatology & Aesthetics, in Holladay, Salt Lake City, Utah, has unparalleled expertise. His experience combined with the technology of the enlighten™ laser deliver optimal results. If you’re ready to have your tattoo removed, call his office in Holladay, Salt Lake City, Utah, or book an appointment for a tattoo removal evaluation.

Tattoo Removal Q & A

How do lasers remove tattoos?

Lasers can safely remove tattoos without damaging the surrounding skin and tissues because they operate on wavelengths that are only absorbed by the colored ink. The laser’s energy heats the tattoo ink until it gets hot enough to destroy the ink particles. Then your body eliminates the small pieces of ink.

Why do you need multiple treatments to remove a tattoo?

After examining your tattoo, Dr. Topham can develop a treatment plan that outlines the number of laser treatments you may need. All tattoos, however, require more than one treatment session due to several variables.

Tattoos consist of multiple layers of ink that must be removed one layer at a time. The tattoo’s size and the type of colors affect the extent of your treatment. The quality and age of your tattoo also make a difference.

Professionally inked tattoos tend to penetrate to uniform depths, which makes them easier to remove in fewer treatments. Over time, ink is absorbed by the body, so older tattoos also need fewer treatments.

What are the advantages of the enlighten™ laser for tattoo removal?

The enlighten laser is a cutting-edge system that incorporates several types of advanced technologies into one medical device. It emits a picosecond laser, which means it’s so fast that it does a better job of breaking tattoo ink into small, pulverized pieces. These pieces are easier for your body to clear away.

It also has three wavelengths, its pulse duration and spot size can be adjusted, and it has higher pulse energy than other tattoo removal devices. Dr. Topham can instantly and independently adjust each of these variables.

So what does all of that mean? That Dr. Topham can customize the speed, depth, and power to remove your tattoo with fewer sessions and better results.

What should you expect during and after treatment?

While some people can tolerate the procedure, others are more sensitive to laser treatment. Dr. Topham offers topical anesthetics to ensure you’re comfortable throughout the session.

Most patients experience very few side effects, although some experience temporary swelling and redness. You’ll need to protect the treated area from sunlight; otherwise, you can return to your normal activities right away.

It takes about 6-8 weeks for the treated area to heal, then you can return for your next tattoo removal session.

The Kirby-Desai scale is a medically published scale used in helping to estimate the number of sessions needed to remove a tattoo. It considers the patient’s skin type, colors in the tattoo, the density of the ink, and the presence of scarring. These factors, along with variables such as a patient’s health status and the tattoo age, are what our providers use to estimate the number of needed sessions to reach your aesthetic goals.


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