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The enlighten™ laser represents a technological “first,” with its combination of multiple technologies combined into one superior device. It offers a super-fast pulse, three wavelengths, and the ability to adjust critical elements like pulse duration -- which simply means that Dr. Robert Topham at Holladay Dermatology & Aesthetics can individualize your treatment and remove tattoos and skin discolorations like sun spots with superior results. For additional information about treatment with the enlighten laser, call his office in Holladay, Salt Lake City, Utah, or book an appointment online.

Enlighten Laser Q & A

What is the enlighten laser?

The enlighten laser is a medical device produced by CUTERA, a company that specializes in developing aesthetic treatments using the most advanced technology. The CUTERA enlighten is an innovative device that effectively treats pigmented skin. It’s also safe for all skin types.

What sets the enlighten laser apart from similar devices?

The enlighten laser combines several types of technology into one cutting edge system. For starters, it emits a picosecond laser, which is significantly faster than similar devices operating at nanosecond speed.

The extra speed combined with heat from the laser’s energy produces a double effect – mechanical and thermal – that does a better job of breaking down discolored and pigmented skin into miniscule pieces that are easier for your body to absorb and eliminate.

It has multiple wavelengths, a pulse duration and spot size that can be adjusted, and high pulse energy. All of these factors can be instantly and independently adjusted to customize your treatment as the size, color, or depth of the pigment being treated changes. The result is faster and more successful treatment.

How does the enlighten laser work?

The wavelengths emitted by the enlighten laser are only absorbed by colored pigments in tattoo ink and skin lesions, so Dr. Topham can treat discolorations without harming the surrounding skin.

As pigments absorb laser energy, they’re heated to the point where they break down. The picosecond speed of the enlighten laser virtually pulverizes the pigment, whether it’s a skin lesion or tattoo ink.

What skin concerns are treated using the enlighten?

Enlighten is specially designed to treat two primary types of skin concerns:

Pigmented and discolored skin

The enlighten safely removes skin discolorations such as melasma, rosacea, age spots, and freckles. As the laser effectively removes lesions, skin tone becomes brighter and more even. The enlighten laser is easily adjusted to the precise size of the treatment area, making it a good choice for even the smallest discoloration.

Tattoo removal

The enlighten laser removes tattoos in fewer treatment sessions compared to other laser tattoo removal devices. Dr. Topham can customize your treatment according to the depth, age, and location of your tattoo. Multiple wavelengths available in the enlighten laser are important for effectiveness because varying ink colors require different wavelengths. As a result, the enlighten produces exceptional results, removing all traces of ink.

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