How RF Energy Is Being Used to Treat Cellulite

How RF Energy Is Being Used to Treat Cellulite  

The world of body sculpting technologies is broad and always evolving. TruSculpt 3D® is the latest advancement in nonsurgical body sculpting technology that offers both fat reduction and tightening in a single session. Now it’s possible to eliminate unwanted fat, tighten and improve cellulite without surgery or the need for time off. Get the facts on how this advanced technology can help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted.

What is cellulite?

The mere mention of the word cellulite is enough to make anyone cringe. Cellulite is the lumpy, dimpled appearance commonly found on the thighs and buttocks. The reason the skin looks different is because fat in the affected area has pushed through the connective tissue and is more visible from the surface of the skin. Though cellulite is normal and almost everyone has some amount, it doesn’t make it any less unsightly. The good news is radiofrequency (RF) technology improves the appearance of cellulite to leave you with a smoother body contour.

Smooth and sculpt without surgery

Dr. Robert Topham; his father, Dr. Barry Topham; and their team are proud to offer the newest advancement in noninvasive RF body contouring. TruSculpt 3D is an FDA-cleared device that uses patented RF light energy to remove unwanted fat and improve cellulite in a single treatment.

The light energy heats fat cells, effectively destroying them. Your body’s detoxification process then jumps into action, eliminating the dead fat cells from your body. At the same time, the RF energy tightens and improves the skin’s texture for a smoother, slimmer you. With just a brief, comfortable session, you can improve the appearance of cellulite and get right back to your regular activities.

How do I know if TruSculpt 3D is right for me?

As experts in dermatology and aesthetic medicine, the team at Holladay Dermatology Clinic will talk with you about your goals, evaluate the target areas, and create a treatment plan that addresses your needs. At Holladay Dermatology Clinic, we offer the latest body contouring options to address a wide variety of needs. Our other options, such as CoolSculpting, use controlled cooling to destroy fat cells. CoolSculpting is more suitable for addressing pinchable pockets of fat and areas without cellulite.

How many treatments will I need?

Prior to your first treatment, one of our technicians will explain the likely number of treatments you'll require to see the results you want. Most candidates require between two and four treatments to reach the desired outcome. Treatments are typically spaced four to eight weeks apart.

How soon can I return to my regular activities?

Because TruSculpt 3D is noninvasive, there’s no anesthesia, cutting, or downtime. Patients can return to work, go to the gym, and get back to all of their regular activities following TruSculpt 3D treatment for cellulite.

What results can I expect?

On average, TruSculpt 3D results in a 24% fat reduction in a single treatment and a noticeable improvement in skin cellulite and skin laxity. Many patients notice the initial results in as few as four weeks. Results continue over the next several weeks. Optimal results are typically seen at 12 weeks.

Treat cellulite in all areas

Though other forms of body sculpting are limited to treating pinchable areas of fat, the TruSculpt 3D device can improve cellulite in all areas regardless of the location or how small the amount of fat. The TruSculpt 3D device does not need to grab hold of fat for treatment to work. Other body sculpting devices treat specific areas of fat that must be squeezed between the treatment panels. With TruSculpt 3D, you can treat cellulite anywhere for advanced sculpting and body contouring.

Benefits of TruSculpt 3D include:

Let TruSculpt 3D work for you

If you're ready to reduce the appearance of cellulite and remove excess fat deposits to reshape and refine your body, book an appointment online, or call our Holladay, Utah office to request an initial consultation.

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