Get Ready for Summer with Noninvasive truSculpt 3D Body Contouring

After a winter of cold and storms, it’s safe to say summer will be a welcome relief for most of us. Summer is a time to relax, take life a little slower, and soak up the warm sun before wet autumn rains come to call. And it’s also a time to shed the heavy clothes of winter and slip into something more comfortable — and more revealing. Summer is made for bathing suits, shorts and other skimpy wear. But if you’ve got areas of stubborn fat and unsightly bulges, trading in your bulky winter sweaters for your swimsuit and shorts can be a little nerve-wracking. After all, it can be a little difficult to feel attractive, confident and sexy when your sleek contours are competing with love handles, muffin tops and bra bulges.

Not too long ago, getting rid of stubborn, diet- and exercise-resistant fat meant undergoing liposuction surgery, a process that involves incisions, anesthesia and a relatively long recovery time, not to mention a high cost. But today, you’ve got other options. At Holladay Dermatology Clinic, we can help you eliminate fatty deposits without surgery, using the state-of-the-art truSculpt 3DTM body sculpting system. The truSculpt 3D treatment is completely noninvasive — and that means no incisions, no needles, no suction and no recovery time. Plus, a truSculpt 3d treatment session is a lot less costly than liposuction surgery. Here’s how it works.

The technology of truSculpt

The truSculpt 3D system uses radiofrequency (RF) energy waves to penetrate your skin without incisions and without pain, targeting fat cells deep beneath the skin’s surface. The RF energy is especially attracted to fat cells, which means when it reaches the target zone, the energy is absorbed by fat, leaving the tissue surrounding the fat cells unaffected and unharmed.

Once in the target zone, the RF energy is absorbed by the fat cells, gently heating them until the cell walls break down, releasing the fatty contents. With truSculpt 3D, your fat cells are literally melted away. After the cell walls are destroyed, your body gets rid of the cell debris naturally over a period of weeks, carting it off and disposing of it over a period of several weeks. As the debris is removed, you’ll begin to see slimmer, sleeker contours. And even better: Once the fat cells are melted away, they’re gone permanently and won’t “regrow.”

You can have truSculpt 3D treatment to get rid of fat and cellulite in many areas of your body, including the belly, flanks, hips, buttocks, thighs and upper arms. And you can even have more than one area treated in a single session. Like any body sculpting treatment, truSculpt 3D isn’t intended to remove large amounts of fat, and it’s also not intended as a replacement for diet and exercise (neither is liposuction). While lots of people can benefit from truSculpt 3D, it’s especially effective for people who are at or near their ideal body weight and for those who’ve lost a lot of weight and want to refine their results.

Start feeling more confident with truSculpt 3D

With truSculpt 3D, most treatments take under an hour, and since there’s no downtime, you can go back to your regular activities right after your session. During the treatment, you’ll feel waves of deep warmth that most patients say feels a lot like a hot stone massage. Built-in heat sensors automatically adjust the energy emission to ensure your skin stays cool and comfortable throughout your session. After your treatment, you can expect to see the final results in about three months, with initial improvements visible in just a few weeks.

Don't let stubborn fat pockets keep you from getting the most from your summer. At Holladay Dermatology Clinic, our truSculpt 3D treatments could be just what you need to get rid of stubborn fat so you can revel in your slimmer contours and sexier curves. To learn more about truSculpt 3D or to schedule an evaluation or treatment, contact the practice today.

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