5 Popular Facial Areas for Dermal Fillers

5 Popular Facial Areas for Dermal Fillers

It doesn’t seem fair that your face starts aging in your 20s. You may not see the outward signs yet, but your collagen production decreases by 1% every year, and without that valuable protein, your skin thins and sinks. You also produce less elastin, the protein responsible for softness and stretchability, so your skin becomes more delicate and fragile. 

Eventually, you notice the inevitable signs of aging in the form of wrinkles, sags, dullness, and lines. 

Dermal fillers were made to address these early markers of aging and are a safe and effective way to reclaim your youthful look without looking like you had work done. 

Dr. Robert Topham at Holladay Dermatology & Aesthetics in Holladay, Utah, offers a comprehensive lineup of dermal fillers to tackle fine lines and wrinkles caused by lost collagen and elastin. Here’s what you need to know about how they work and which areas of your face they can help.

What do dermal fillers do?

Dermal fillers inject a substance under the surface of your skin to replace lost volume caused by decreased collagen. There are several types and brands of dermal fillers, each comprised of different formulas and ingredients to address various facial issues. 

Dr. Topham offers two of the most advanced brands: Juvéderm® and Revanesse® Versa™. He chooses the brand and formula based on the area of your face you want to have treated, the severity of the problem, and the condition of your skin.

Juvéderm and Revanesse Versa contain hyaluronic acid (HA), a substance your body naturally produces. HA keeps your skin hydrated by attracting water and holding onto it. When we inject the HA into your treatment areas, the substance fills in the wrinkles, lifting your skin from within.

The five most popular facial areas for dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are designed to smooth out static wrinkles that affect the texture and appearance of your skin due to collagen and elastin loss. These can show up anywhere on your face, but the five top locations are the following.

1. Lips

Thin lips are a classic sign of aging. If you want to restore the plump, pouty lips of your youth, Dr. Topham uses Revanesse® Lips™ or Juvéderm® Volbella® XC to gently lift and volumize your lips or smooth the vertical lines that form above aging lips.

2. Cheeks

When you lose collagen, you lose volume. Your once plump, rosy cheeks begin to sink and sag, making you look older than you feel. Dermal fillers replace that lost volume and restore the contours of your face. 

3. Forehead

Genetics, sun exposure, smoke, and environmental elements can damage skin tissue and cause wrinkling, and your forehead often takes the brunt of the havoc. Dermal filler injectables are excellent remedies for deep creases and frown lines.

4. Chin and jaw

A shriveled chin changes your profile and the image you project to others. Dr. Topham uses fillers to revitalize your chin and reduce early jowls, effectively reshaping your jawline, so your face looks younger and stronger. 

5. Mouth

These advanced dermal fillers are FDA approved and clinically proven to reduce the lines that form around your mouth. Some call them marionette lines, parentheses, or smile lines, but whatever you call them, Dr. Topham can erase them.

Does it matter who administers your dermal fillers?

You can receive dermal fillers from anyone licensed to administer the injection, but you shouldn’t trust your face or your health to just anyone. Knowing the precise location and depth of the injection takes years of education and experience. 

Dr. Topham is a medical doctor and completed his residency in internal medicine. He underwent dermatology fellowship training under the tutelage of his father, Dr. Barry Topham, and now runs the family practice, keeping the tradition going for hundreds of folks throughout the Salt Lake City area who have come to trust the Topham family for their skin and aesthetic needs. 

Known for his artistic eye and his extensive knowledge of facial anatomy, Dr. Topham is the area’s go-to physician for dermal fillers and other aesthetic treatments.

Dermal fillers address static wrinkles, but Botox® is best for dynamic wrinkles caused by years of repetitive facial contractions. The good news is that these two treatments work and play well together. 

Call us to schedule an appointment to talk with Dr. Topham about which dermal filler is best for your facial issues, and face the new year with a younger look.

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